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Not Dead.

2010-10-09 19:52:28 by Are-You-Evil2

Not dead yet! I am just in deviantart. Then I thought of coming back here. Just hope everything will go smoothly. :)

P.S. Got scouted again >:|


2010-05-26 08:45:23 by Are-You-Evil2

Hey! Hey! Hey everybody! Everything has been going so good, but bad at the same time. My annoying big brother is annoying the crap outta me!!
I've been going to DeviantART more often. I was so addicted on drawing chibi stuff. And my cousin told me that my drawings are so cute! :3

And I uploaded a video in YouTube. NaruSasuNo1Fan. Subscribe to me or add me as a friend!

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2010-05-24 11:00:52 by Are-You-Evil2

There are so many things happening; school is almost here!
Well, in Sunday, I will be "confirmed" on accepting the Lord Jesus Christ as my lord and savior. I am so excited!!!

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Today, I've been going to DA more. Is it because I have more friends there? Oh, well. :3

Here, enjoy a simple Deidara I did in Paint. Do you think I should submit this to the Art Portal. Nah, i might get unscouted (again).


Making Flash.

2010-05-19 08:06:56 by Are-You-Evil2

Hey guys. As if from now, I decided to learn how to use flash. It was fun but it was very hard too. Making a frame by frame animation is very complex.

And I've been going to DeviantART more often.
10-Ten, my deviantART. Visit me or maybe watch me. Please! If you watch me, I'll watch you too!

Yeah. Here's the progress I've been working on so far. Yeah, a Naruto Animation. The main characters will be the Akatsuki mambers (especially Deidei-neesan)

Making Flash.


2010-05-09 02:56:16 by Are-You-Evil2

Damn, I got scouted again.


2010-05-07 01:52:06 by Are-You-Evil2

Hey, I've been very depressed lately. I got unscouted in Newgrounds two times. So I feel very discouraged and afraid. I am afraid of submitting new art! I don't want people to lose their scouting ability because of me! I don't want to be scouted anymore! I quit on making art. I give up. Sorry for all the things I've done.


2010-05-04 22:17:06 by Are-You-Evil2

Hi! Sorry if I wasn't replying on your comments. I just ran out of words to say.
I really need to schedule my time. I can't be able to finish my flash. The Coming Soon thing. You see, I had a really hard time making those, specially the color. So I removed the color, simple. I've been staying up at night fetching water.
Well, at least I had time to finish my Sasuke Fan Art. <3


2010-04-29 08:33:03 by Are-You-Evil2

I decided to change the story and characters of my manga. So, the first character you all saw, was deleted. I hope it didn't bother you people.
So, I was thinking of "Selfless Sacrifice" as a title. Well, I didn't make it myself. I got a help from Google. And I was thinking of turning it into a flash movie instead of comics strips. BTW, I think it was a good decision to ask Sorrygirl so I could have the Puppeteer as my Main Evil Antagonist. I was having a hard time making character designs. But it was fun!
So, here's how the story goes:
The main supporting female character is the daughter of the king who ruled over the kingdom. So, when the main supporting female character was just a child, she had a very bad illness. So her father went searching for a cure for her illness. When the main supporting female character was 10 years old, she found out why her father haven't returned for a very long time. Her father became a soldier of The Puppeteer. When she found out, she got so depressed. When the king from the nearby kingdom heard about the story, he sent out a lot of soldiers to go after the Puppeteer. But they failed. When she was 16 years old, the king from the nearby kingdom got manipulated too. So she went out and tried to go and barge in The Puppeteer's lair. But her soldiers wouldn't let her in, because The Puppeteer promised that she would not hurt any female. So the main supporting female character pretended to be a guy. But, when she reached the lair of the Puppeteer, they were all gone. Probably just went and find another base. Oh, I almost forgot! By that time, she was already cured. Then she met the main male protagonist, the son of the king of the nearby kingdom. So, the go and find the Puppeteer, and meet new friends on the way. But between all of you and me, the main male protagonist doesn't know that his partner was a girl. So the story goes on. But in the end, the boy will know that the other boy, is actually a girl. :P
Pretty cheezy, huh? Well, hope you like it!

New Idea!

2010-04-27 23:04:24 by Are-You-Evil2

I was thinking of making a Manga. So, here's the first character design.
The Main Supporting Female Character, Diana.

I liked and copied Fifty-50's cool style. Well, I hope you people don't think that I have no originality. Well, **** you.

New Idea!


2010-04-16 04:53:58 by Are-You-Evil2

Was experimenting in Paint, and look what I made! Tada! Never thought I could do it. Cool huh?